All HD Music: The Masterlist!

This page has all Hannah Diamond's songs, when they came out, and where to find them!
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1. Pink & Blue (pc-s5, released October 2013)

The very first HD song! A very cute love song. So cheesy and yet so great. Iconic.
Release Website
Soundcloud Link

2. Attachment (pc-s8, released April 2014)

A cold ballad with a memorable beat! I read in an interview that this was actually the first song Hannah recorded, and that A.G. Cook wrote it for her as a birthday present. Isn't that cute??
Release Website
Soundcloud Link

3. Every Night (PC001, released November 2014)

Definitely club-ready! This song has really grown on me. I love the recursive lyrics. The release number of this song is PC001 because it was the first PC Music song to be released on iTunes!
Release Website
Soundcloud Link

4. Hi (PC003, released November 2015)

This cool song about the weirdness of getting to "know" people online was another PC Music milestone because it was released with a gorgeous MUSIC VIDEO!
Release Website
Soundcloud Link
Music Video!

5. Fade Away (PC010, released October 2016)

A sad, icy song. Very 2000s techno sound. Really amazing vocals on this one! I love the vocaloid-esque bends.
Release Website
Soundcloud Link
Lyric Video

6. Make Believe (PC013, released December 2016)

A cute song, likely released for Christmas, with a memorable "guitar" solo!
Release Website
Soundcloud Link
Official YouTube Upload (with some visuals)

1. Soon I won't see you at all (pc-r9, released December 2017)
1. Never Again
2. Concrete Angel (cover of a song by Gareth Emery)
3. The Ending
Finally, we get an HD EP, and it's everything I hoped for!! Released for free and by surprise, this emotional EP starts with the spare, Imogen-Heap-flavored song Never Again, continues on to an incredibly mutated cover of Concrete Angel, and finishes with the fantastically catchy dancehall-ish song The Ending.
Official Youtube Upload (all three tracks in one video)
Official Free Download!

Still in the works is another EP called Reflections and a full-length album accompanied by a MAGAZINE (omg!) No official word on when these are coming- Reflections in particular has been delayed a bunch of times. But I just know they'll be awesome, I can't wait

In addition to her own output, Hannah Diamond has appeared on other artist's tracks!

1. Keri Baby by A.G. Cook (pc-s6, released January 2014)

This is the song that got me into PC Music! It sounds like a song by a 90s hologram popstar.
Release Website
Soundcloud Link

2. Drop FM by A.G. Cook (pc-s16, released March 2015)

This banger was released with the announcement that the PC Music artists would be playing at SXSW 2015.
Release Website
Soundcloud Link

3. Paradise by Charli XCX (released February 2016)

This awesome song features amazingly processed vocals by Hannah. It's from Charli XCX's Vroom Vroom EP, produced by SOPHIE!
Soundcloud Link (just FYI, this is only a clip, the version of the song you can buy is longer!)
(Hannah also makes a cameo in the video for Vroom Vroom during the first chorus and in the background during the second)

Unreleased Songs
These are a few things that have not been officially released!

1. Beats

This crazy little song appeared in A.G. Cook's Creamcake mix from 2013. It's the third song in the mix. Despite appearing in an A.G. Cook mix, it's credited to only Hannah in the track listing. Here's a YouTube video of the song split out of the mix.

2. 123 HD (fan title)

This song snippet (or maybe just an interlude for the concert?) was performed at Pop Cube in NYC in 2015. This video is the best I can find of it.

3. Shy

A bit of this song appears in the VR film "Days of Being Mild" (link is to the appearance of the song in the video). Hannah has confirmed that this song will be released on Reflections, so this will not stay unreleased forever!

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