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PC Music is the record label that releases Hannah Diamond's music! They also release songs by a lot of other cool artists. I highly encourage that you check them out if you haven't!
There are a lot of artists on PC Music, and a lot of information to find about all of them. It's a big rabbit hole to fall into. I'm not going to try to collect all that information here. But I will give you some links to start you off!

Official Website
Youtube Channel

PC Music has released 2 singles compilations:
PC Music Volume 1 (itunes link/spotify link) (released 5/2/15)
PC Music Volume 2 (itunes link/spotify link) (released 11/18/16)
They're definitely good, label-approved introductions!
I'm sure we'll get another one this year.

Every PC Artist's Soundcloud
(besides Hannah Diamond)
A.G. Cook
Danny L. Harle
Dux Content
Kane West
Life Sim
Lil Data
Lipgloss Twins (no soundcloud :( )
Princess Bambi (one song)
Thy Slaughter (one song)
DJ Warlord

These are the official websites of some artists who aren't on the PC Music roster but have been involved with them!
Mystery producer extraordinaire. Master of bubbly clangy squishy noises. Has worked with A.G. Cook many times.
QT is a girl and an energy drink! QT has this song that's the only one she wants to play called Hey QT. Sophie & A.G. Cook made it.
Charli XCX
Charli has been working with Sophie and A.G. Cook for music production and styling a lot recently. Hannah Diamond was featured on one of her songs.
Kero Kero Bonito
Gus Lobban of this amazing group is also known as Kane West :)
Maxo used to be affiliated with PC Music, releasing a couple songs through them and playing at their shows, but I don't think he is anymore.

There are a lot of opinion pieces out there about PC Music. I would recommend you don't read them- not just because Your Opinion Is What's Important! but because they also often have factual mistakes about the label and the artists in them. So not the best source for information.
Interviews with PC Music people, on the other hand, are always cool!
Also, there is a 100% unofficial but very active forum for PC Fanz right here!

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